Window to Baikal Derevenka Family Hotel on the Lake Baikal
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Video clip about Derevenka (4:52, 115 MGb)

Would you like to relax after hard work and urban crowds? It is true that one of the most popular way to do it is to go somewhere overseas, the more exotic the place the better. Stop and think! Of it is not high time to travel to some remote and unique spots in Russia? Our family is ready to provide all you need for good rest on the lake. Come and see for yourself that there is nothing like Baikal Lake itself and incomparable beauty of the surrounding nature. Speaking about our part in your leisure package, we will see to it that you have comfortable and unforgettable rest. We promise that having spent your holiday in our Derevenka, you would like to have your second time on the lake.

Our hotel is located in the settlement called Listvjanka on the slope of the hill with the view of the lake and its environment that makes you fell as if you are involved in the magic world of the lake (you can look our location at Google Maps) Word "Derevenka" is translated from Russian as "small village".

The hotel has cottages for the guests and one cottage with a kitchen, a dinning room, a bar and Russian bania (bath) with a very delicate odor of Baikal plants. You should try this but do not forget to complete the session with plunging into ice-cold Baikal water. You will be sure to feel as though you have been newly born.

The cottages for guests differ in sizes depending on the number of people there are to be accommodated. The cottages are constructed in traditional Russian style. Each cottage has the name of one of most famous Baikal winds like Angara, Barguzin, Gorny, Kultuk, Sarma, Selenga and Shelonnik.

The territory of hotel is covered with WiFi for Internet access.

In a summer season of 2010 Derevenka offers new service - accommodation in camping tents. You can arrive to the camping and install your own tent on You can establish your tent on a ready flooring from boards. Wooden tables with benches under a canopy are established at camping. The toilet and washstand with cold water for camping guests are located outdoor. You can also spend the day, celebrate birthday or other holiday in the equipped picnic area.

Special procedures to protect humans against ticks are carried out in hotel territory at the summer.

The hotel is under protection of private Security agency "Ares".

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